Ad Partner Testimonials

Our ad partners are our family–we could not provide our readers with such a valuable and essential home resource without their support. Marin Home is their home too! We thank you! When an issue is published partners are kind enough to share feedback on the working relationship. Here’s a sample of appreciated feedback. 


“Marin Home is an excellent resource for MBA members to reach our customer base in Marin County.  We have a number of customers that mention our ads and some of the articles that featured our work / materials we supplied to customers.  It is really nice to work with a team that is focused on working with us as an advertiser and not a publication focused on their bottom line.  I view our advertising with Marin Home and the MBA as a partnership and it has been working well for us to reach out to new and existing customers.”

– John Pope, Owner, Old Town Glass



“Marin Home Magazine is a stellar publication that has been great for our business to collaborate with.  The content of the articles, the exquisite photos, layout, creativity, and texture of the cover are in alignment with the high-end customers we do business with. The advertising we have done and articles written have truly benefited our business. It is refreshing to work with a staff who has such a great sense of style. Thank you.”

 – Deanne Clough, Owner, Clough Construction




“Thank YOU! 
Your team is doing a great job with this publication—it has a really nice, approachable, community and sophisticated feel.”

– Robin Barnato, Owner, Studio Home Designs